From Passed Over to Promoted

Empowering today’s working women to get the advancement, compensation, and recognition that they deserve at work. Leading to more impact, influence, and joy for women everywhere.

From Passed Over to Promoted

Empowering today’s working women to get the advancement, compensation, and recognition that they deserve at work. Leading to more impact, influence, and joy for women everywhere.

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Why Earning a Promotion Feels So Dang Hard …and What to Do Instead

Do you want your boss to finally recognize your hard work? Do you want a promotion? How about a raise year after year? Learn how to accelerate and elevate your career advancement with Mary’s FREE Masterclass. Click the button below to get instant access to this life-changing training!


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01 Leadership Circles for Women

Looking to intentionally grow and develop your skills of positive influence? Inside Mary’s Leadership Mastermind Circles, you will experience community, encouragement, and time for self-reflection, as you explore new values-based leadership principles. 

Each principle is based on the teachings of the #1 leadership expert John C. Maxwell, which will allow you to transform into the confident, impactful and inspirational leader that you know you’re meant to become.

02 Courses

Mary’s courses are designed for working women who want to break through their limits and experience a life of abundance today. Each course is specially curated to give you pain-free, positive, and everlasting transformation that will bring peace, hope, love, and joy naturally into your life.

The My Promotion Plan Experience is a course for ambitious working women who are ready to advance their careers and increase their income, impact, and influence.

The Harmonizing the Heart and Renewing the Mind Course is a faith-based course for working women who are ready to experience the promises of God in their life today.

03 Coaching

Get access to Mary as your executive coach!

In the Inner Circle Mastermind, a limited number of high-achieving professionals and business owners will get direct access to work with Mary to create better workplace cultures and greater influence with their leadership.

Through workshop days, small group leadership masterminds, and implementation calls, you’ll work together to cultivate a culture that you love using the foundational pillars of heart-centered leadership.

What Clients Are Saying

I got the courage I needed.

“I completed and submitted my first plan. Our meeting to discuss my ideas and how I see myself advancing went great!”


“Mary is incredibly insightful and her program is life-changing. It is truly valuable to work with a coach like Mary when you aren’t entirely sure where to start. “

More confidence than ever.

“I have felt stuck for so long in regard to how to go about asking for a promotion. But now I’m inspired and know that I can do it!”

My Book

You’ve been working hard for months or even years on end, waiting for your boss to promote you. Yet, no matter how hard you work, all you seem to earn is more hard work and an occasional pat on the back. Now, you’re feeling stuck, frustrated, underappreciated, and insecure. Am I good enough? Am I capable? Is this what God wants for my life

Through God’s Not Done with You, you’ll learn how to understand work as worship, deepen your relationship with Christ, and find peace and abundance at work—with the full recognition you deserve

Despite the fact that women are underrepresented, filling less than one-fourth of the C-suite, God’s Not Done with You helps women at all levels take control of their careers. Harness your God-given potential as you learn how to create your own promotion plan, get noticed, and get promoted into the future that God has planned for you.

About Mary

Hi, I’m Mary Guirovich, and I’m a previous COO of a multi-million dollar company that I helped to start with no experience in the industry. As a leader, my greatest joy is seeing others reach a higher potential than they ever dreamed possible. To thrive at work, employees must work in an environment that promotes their personal and professional growth. That’s why I’m deeply passionate about reimagining the workplace and helping women take the limits off their potential, creating thriving businesses and careers while staying true to their character and values. 

Over the past two decades of my career, I’ve had the pleasure of coaching hundreds of entrepreneurs, thousands of team members, and over 30 corporate brands across multiple industries. The most rewarding part was being a catalyst for others to break through their own personal best in all areas of their life. Work was designed to be a thing that we not only enjoyed doing but something that brought joy back to us. Many people are not experiencing work-life the way it was intended, so I’m on a mission to flip the narrative and have more team members and business owners loving their professional calling.